Sunday, September 14, 2014

WARNING: That post could get you fired!


That post could get you fired!

If you participate in Social Media, you've most likely asked yourself:

"Should I post this?"

Employees need to be very thoughtful when posting to Social Media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and many more.  You've most likely signed a Social Media policy or your employer has one in your company handbook.  Violating company policies could get you fired.  Most employers Social Media policies are fairly standard but I highly suggest you take time to read and understand yours.   

Here are a few "DO NOT's" and "Do's" to help you keep your job. 


  • Do no register for a social media account with a corporate or business email address (use your personal account or sign up for one on one of the many free sites; Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). 
  • Do not post during your scheduled time to work (wait for your break or lunch). 
  • Do not post trademark or proprietary information. 
  • Assume, if you don't know... ASK!


  • Use your professional judgement and do not post anything that could damage your employers corporate brand or reputation.  
  • Though there is controversy regarding the legality of companies asking you to -   it may be best if you are choosing to indicate who your employer is or if you have an affiliation with to include a disclaimer on your profile.  Standard disclaimers indicate that the content you are choosing to post is of your own opinion and not that of your employer or company who you are affiliated with.  
  • Example: ""The postings on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent the postings, strategies or opinions of ________________..".
  • Scared?  Stuck? Here is a more humorous approach to help you determine if you "Should post".  

Stay ahead of the game with this status flow chart from BitShare - Internet Technology and Cultures Blog:

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Stay ahead of the game with this status flow chart | BitShare - Internet Technology and Culture Blog

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible for your posts.