Friday, January 10, 2014

HIRING: Senior Nursery Operations Manager


For four generations and over 100 years, theDriscoll’s brand has been trusted and recognized for its superior quality. To fulfill their mission to continually delight berry consumers, Driscoll’s naturally breeds proprietary plant varieties that produce Only the Finest Berries®.  Every Driscoll's berry begins life at the Nursery.  

Driscoll's is looking for a Senior Nursery Operations Manager for our Corralitos Nursery, located on the beautiful central coast of California
This position leads all aspects of Corralitos Greenhouse Propagation, including the laboratory, greenhouses, growing areas, shipping, packing, inventory management, and facilities, to ensure annual plant orders are met within quality standards, on time, and in volume.

Position requires leadership, reliability, attention to detail, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, excellent verbal and written communication skills, project management skills, ability to work cross-functionally, creativity, and a process improvement mindset.  Strong computer skills in MS Excel, Word, and Outlook are required.  A B.A/B.S. Degree in Business Administration, Agronomy, Horticulture or related field is required. A minimum of ten to twelve years of experience in a nursery operations/leadership role is required. Proven leadership track record required. This position requires an extended schedule to support operational requirements and domestic travel required. Bilingual communication skills (English/Spanish) are preferred.

Corralitos Nursery Facility Leadership: Provides day to day leadership for Tissue Culture production, greenhouse propagation, shipping, and inventory management ensuring that the yearly production plan is executed.   Responsible for development of a Production Plan that provides sufficient quality, quantity, and volume of plants for Commercial and Breeding Orders.  Develops best practices and standard operating procedures, guides and promotes accurate inventory reporting, recruits, trains and evaluates personnel and labor needs, prepares budgets, manages facilities and record keeping, ensures compliance with laws and regulations for safety and pesticide use, and maintains good relations with nursery neighbors.

Develops operational goals and objectives to align with the Nursery Functional Work Group Plan.  Establishes metrics to support key goals and operational effectiveness and efficiency.   Develops annual operating budget and maintains a 5 year capital expenditure plan.   Represents Corralitos in Nursery Production Planning meetings.   

Works directly with both internal and external customers to understand the needs of the foundation nurseries and Direct to Grower customer requirements.   Oversees best practices and standard operating procedures, integrates procedures used globally where applicable.

Propagation Development: crafts new propagation methodologies, directs Greenhouse and Micro-propagation process improvement trials, conceives and implements propagation trials, creates methodologies that improve the quality and speed of propagation within and outside the Corralitos facility.

Leads development of production standards and sets goals for process improvement and efficiency of all operational areas.

Directly supervises, leads and develops the Lab Manager, Greenhouse Manager, Shipping and Inventory Analyst, Facility Supervisor, and indirectly the local Human Resource Representative.

Mission and Values: Work both internally and externally with employees, growers, and vendors to support and promote the Company Mission and Values.

Conduct: Follow Company policies and practices while representing Driscoll’s in an ethical and business-like manner.

Other: Perform other duties as instructed by the Nursery Director: DOTA Propagation.[i]   

More info:

Driscoll's has operations in 18 countries on 5 continents to ensure year round delivery of fresh berries to market. In the last 20 years Driscoll's has experienced significant operational and market growth doubling in size every five years.

Driscoll's values of Passion, Humility and Trustworthiness are core to the character of the company and how employees work and interact with each other, their customers, business partners and berry consumers.  Driscoll's offers a broad range of competitive compensation and benefits packages supportive of a positive work/life balance including; healthcare benefits, 401K plans with matching contributions, tuition reimbursements, leadership training and wellness programs. 

Their Philanthropy matches employee donations and volunteer time to community projects and nonprofit organizations partnering with over 90 employee led community action projects in 2012. Their unique company culture fosters innovation, excellence and collaboration as they continue to expand in others part of the world. 

Driscoll’s Talent Acquisition

[i] This job description is intended to describe the general nature of the general nature of the work performed by employees in this job.  It is not an exhaustive list of all the job’s responsibilities.  At Driscoll’s, all of our jobs include broad responsibilities for continually improving the processes we use to develop or products.